UX Engineer
4 weeks

Project Overview

Website was in need of a major redesign
UNIS recognized the necessity for a website upgrade to enhance the user experience, and stand out as a competitor in the field of logistics. As a UX designer, my role extended to leading the front-end development. The original website, built on a Squarespace template, fell short in expressing the authentic branding of the company. This case study delves into my role in reshaping the digital presence of UNIS, to better align with the evolving needs of its operations and user expectations.

Design Objectives

Branding and visuals were our focus
Building a reliable brand, increasing user engagement, and improving visual design were our primary focus areas for this project.

User Research

People were reaching out for support through LinkedIn instead of
Our CEO emphasized a notable trend: businesses often opted to contact UNIS via phone or gather information about the company through LinkedIn rather than our own website. Additionally, we interviewed our colleagues from various departments, and 95% of the participants shared a similar sentiment while sharing their personal experiences with the website. In light of this feedback, it became clear that substantial changes were necessary.

Competitive Analysis

Sought inspiration from Apple, DJI, and UPS 
In our pursuit of design inspiration, we explored industry leaders like Apple, Dji, and UPS. The UI on their landing pages immediately drew our attention, embodying a design style that mirrors the efficiency and organization synonymous with the logistics industry.

Design Principles

A complex solution with 3 simple principles
We sought simplicity and clarity in an industry where intuitive interactions are crucial. By prioritizing user-centricity, we were able to customize the user journey to cater to the diverse audiences engaging with the website.
Consistency, visually and in user interactions, provided a standardized experience across the logistics platform, enhancing both communication and efficiency.
Form and Function
Balancing aesthetic appeal with practical considerations, the integration of form and function optimized the design to complement the structured nature of logistics, resulting in a user-centered solution.


We wanted to innovate for new users, while preserving original elements for existing UNIS partners.
To gain access to my Figma designs, please reach out for more details.


Low-fidelity interactions before proper styling
We approached the prototyping phase with low-fidelity visuals, laying the foundation with basic shapes and colors to ensure seamless functionality before incorporating distinctive CSS styling. For example, this was the initial concept of the carousel interaction that we eventually used across multiple pages.

Front-End Development

Improving the Locations Page
Another major interaction was the card system on the Locations page. On the former page, users were limited to viewing more locations, due to its expansion behavior. When the user would click to 'view details', there was also a significant amount of white space.



Given the information-rich nature of this particular page, it made sense to restructure the elements with a more intuitive and seamless navigation pattern. We opted for a flashcard interaction and managed to simplify the architecture.

Carousel Slider

Utilized 3rd party JS Libraries and CSS Frameworks
SplideJS played an essential role in elevating the interactive experience of the project. Harnessing its rich library of interactions, I was able to build a working carousel slider.

Navigation Bar

Navigating was a confusing process
This was the original navbar. It had all the necessary functions, however the user journey wasn't clear. The CTA (call to action) was also red, which could hinder users from clicking it.
Added clear navigation cues and smooth animations
In the new navbar, we made the primary CTA color blue and refined the interaction for a smoother navigation experience. I made sure to implement a cubic bezier for seamless expansion and an opacity transition to indicate that the user is visiting a new submenu.

Infinite Marquee

Built an Infinite Marquee to convey UNIS as a top logistics competitor
I also designed and developed a custom infinite marquee, showcasing trusted partners UNIS has worked with over the years. If you're curious about how I built this, feel free to reach out for more details.


Stakeholders felt overwhelmingly positive about the revamp
The CEO and CCO were satisfied with their new website as it would help them generate new business as well as increase their workforce. It was rewarding to hear this news and feel acknowledged for our contributions, and we hope that the revamp will help the company grow exponentially within the logistics sector.


3-Months later, more website traffic and 25% bounce rate
It's been 3 months since I last made updates to the website, and it's beginning to pick up more traction. Prior to this, the website had a 55% bounce rate, and it has dropped to 25% since then!
Additional Content

Designer Application Form

This was a job application form that I built for hiring internally within the company. Using custom JavaScript, I created an interaction that would allow users to drag different images across the canvas.
Additional Content

CRM Sign In/Sign Up Flow

I was in charge of designing the Sign In/Sign Up user flow for the UNIS Client Portal. I made sure to incorporate various use cases and special edge cases
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